What we do

We advise senior management and boards of growth-stage companies in all sectors to guide them in their pursuit of the company’s objectives. We have a global network of investors, senior executives, and sector-specific experts that can add value in all facets of our clients business – financing alternatives, capital market strategy, management and board recruitment, and company specific growth initiatives.

Finance Strategy

Private Placements
Equity/Debt Underwriting
Mergers and Acquisitions
Corporate Restructuring


RTO/IPO Strategy
Compliance & Regulatory Hurdles


Capital Markets Strategy
Executive/Board Recruitment
Company-Specific Business Development

Assisting businesses in

Corporate Restructuring

Mergers & Acquisitions

One of the best ways of increasing profitability in a business quickly is to incorporate an existing company into yours. Increase revenue, production capacity and market reach through buying a business or merging with one and absorbing their assets.

Divestment and Spin-Offs

Useful for businesses that are looking to consolidate. Or if you want to reduce your involvement in a business unit without entirely stepping away from it, a spin-off can be a simple solution.

Debt Restructuring

Owing creditors can put your company at risk. Debt restructuring is one of the most common motivators for business restructuring. We can help with the right steps to reduce your liabilities.

Cost Reduction

Reviewing your corporate structure can highlight overspend, whether in the administration or operation of your business.

Legal Restructuring

Sometimes restructure is necessary due to a shift in responsibilities at the top. We help facilitate incorporation of new investors or changes in the ownership structure.