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Business Process Outsourcing

With service providers in wage-competitive regions, we are positioned to provide our clients with cost-effective business process outsourcing (BPO) resources. Our highly experienced teams can provide customer relationship management (CRM) services, reduced manufacturing costs, and access to international storage facilities.

Scalable Outsourcing

We assist in recruiting experienced team members and train them to understand your products, services, and company policies.

Saves Time & Resources

Enable your team to focus on growing your company by handing over routine support or other process to teams overseas that can perform more effectively as their core role.

Tailored to your company

Our experts source the best candidates, all with excellent English and some with college degrees. We recruit team members who will fit your company culture and the needs of your business. Our aim is to  support you with the highest standards and efficiency, just like you would expect from your own employees.

We also work in areas of

Data Management

Alternative data, also known as external data, is information collected from non-traditional sources, generated either by individuals, business processes, or sensors. In finance, alternative data is leveraged by businesses and investors to extract valuable insights, generate business opportunities and guide investment decisions.

Survey Research

We offer a variety of survey research services including: Telephone, Online, Mail, Electronic, Multi-mode. Local, State, Regional, National. Overnight, Longitudinal. Voters, Neighbours, Citizens, Community Leaders Stakeholders, Employees, Business Owners, Customers.

Interactive Polling

We lead a representative group of your target audience through a facilitated discussion interspersing poll questions, large group discussion, table work, and/or response to audio/visual material. Participants respond anonymously via handheld keypads which tabulate and display the results instantly. Follow-up discussions of results deepens your understanding of participant thinking.

Address Verification Services

When you need accurate address validation – trust your address experts to deliver. We offer multiple ways to meet your needs working with our partners in the space to offer the most comprehensive, accurate results

  • Duplicate Record Detection and Removal
  • Householding / Merging of data records
  • Data Hygiene / Quality Analysis
  • Data Visualization and Reporting
  • Subscription and CRM Management
  • Database Marketing
  • Data Driven Business Planning
  • Surveys and Forms Intake
  • Data mining
  • Data brokerage services

International Trade & Marketing Opportunities

Bringing products and services to market in a world of international trade can be a challenge. Our services are designed to help clients enter and compete in a global marketplace with fewer obstacles. In many cases, we can provide access to new and immediate sales and marketing channels.

Connecting Capital

Clients are provided with a variety of business financing options. We have an active network of investors looking for opportunities in a variety of industries. We also provide specialized assistance with IPOs and APOs, including reverse mergers.

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