Taking a global approach to

Business Development

Business Process Outsourcing

Building Your
Business Infrastructure

Our goal is to connect companies with global opportunities. Our networked solutions increase productivity while significantly reducing costs.

Data & Analytics

Guided decision making
& Insights

Alternative data, also known as external data, is information collected from non-traditional sources, generated either by individuals, business processes, or sensors.

International Trade & Marketing

Opening International Channels

At Caelum, we provide direct access to existing international sales channels for new products and technologies. We provide avenues for our clients’ expansion needs and help with the launch of their new products and services.

Connecting Capital

Merchant Banking

We advise senior management and boards of growth-stage companies in all sectors to guide them in their pursuit of the company’s objectives. Our global network of investors, senior executives, and sector-specific experts can add value in all facets of your business.

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Merchant banking financial meeting
Caelum CaseStudy Adventure Film

Film Production

We provide specialized financing for the filmmaking industry. We have worked on short and full-feature projects. Bring us your packaged project and our team will determine if there are opportunities for financing.

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Helping Businesses Transition
from Vision to Execution

We act as a conduit for business success. We provide BPO solutions, instant sales channels, and investment banking services. In doing so, we facilitate the means for businesses to transform their plans into real-world operations.

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Our Clients

We have worked with companies in various industry verticals ranging from technology-driven sectors to global trade.

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How We Work

Our Approach

At Caelum Finance, we help companies translate and implement high-level business plans. With access to our resources, you can outpace your competition, drive sales, and carve out a bigger footprint in the global marketplace.

Your business solutions can be completely customized using our four-step process:

Caelum Feature OurApproach Building Point


Case Study

Facilitating a Reverse Merger

Caelum Finance was engaged by TSX Pub-co via a mutual contact. The company was seeking a target business to acquire in the technology space. The...

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Caelum CaseStudy ReverseMerger Meeting